PARK INFO » Kona Skatepark

8739 Kona Ave
Jacksonville, FL 32211
phone: 904.725.8770
toll free: 866.SK8.KONA
fax: 904.725.7881


Hours of Operation


Memorial Day Weekend

Friday       2pm - 10pm

Saturday   10am - 10pm

Sunday     12pm - 10pm

Monday   10am - 10pm


Regular Hours

Monday-Thursday : 2pm - 9pm

Friday : 2pm - 10pm

Saturday: 10am - 10pm

Sunday : 12pm - 8pm


Daily Admission : $10


Kona Pass

SkatePark Membership Program

"Your License to Skate"

Members pay $3 annually for their Kona Pass
All Participants are required to have a Kona Pass

Your Kona Pass Registration Lasts for One Year (12 months)


BMX Allowed Sunday thru Thursday

100% Skateboarding Friday and Saturday



   Pay the $99 membership fee and skate for

$5 all day, every day!

Monthly Pass  $50

Yearly Pass  $399.99



Rental Rates:

Helmet: $3, Knee Pads: $3

Elbow Pads: $2, Wrist Guards: $2

Skateboards: $10




 Parents: skate free when paying for your child to skate

Report Card Pass:

  1. A's & B's: Skate for 5 consecutive days for free
  2. A, B & C's: Skate for 1 day for free
  3. B & C's: Skate for 1/2 price of general admission for one day

Ladies: Skate for $3 Everyday


Helmet Policy

  Kona Skatepark requires use of a helmet (with chin strap) at all times. Use of elbow pads, knee pads and wrist guards are recommended but not required for skaters over 16 or whose parents have signed an advance status waiver
. All these are available for rental.

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Kona SkatePark      8739 Kona Ave.  Jacksonville, FL  32211      (904) 725-8770